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Washing Machine Repair

Having washer problems? Call our team at Paramus Appliance Repair, NJ! We service home washing machines in timely fashion and cover the needs of our customers. You can trust our professionals to fix specific problems and also inspect your laundry machine and maintain it. From routine to urgent services, our team in Paramus can help. Experienced in washers used by homeowners in New Jersey and updated with the latest appliances, our washing machine technicians can replace parts, install new washing machines, fix problems and keep your laundry room appliance in peak condition.

Functional washing machine with our maintenance Washing Machine Repair Paramus

If you can’t stand washer problems anymore, let us take a look. Our Paramus washing machine repair professionals provide maintenance with the sole purpose of helping your appliance running efficiently. We examine all parts and fix everything so that your appliance will function properly, consume normal amounts of energy, last long and won’t break down a couple of months from today. All technicians from our business are trained to service all types of home washing machines and can be trusted for the quality of their work.

We replace washer parts

Our washer service includes the thorough examination of all components. If we find anything wrong, we let you know. Parts wear over the years and worn parts should be replaced before they start causing serious problems. Trained to service front and top load washers, all-in-one washers and dryers, and compact laundry machines, our technicians can remove and install belts, pumps, transmissions, hoses or switches.

Full washing machine repair and installation services

Rely on us for washer installation. The extensive knowledge and expertise of our technicians ensures proper installation. The product’s specifications are taken into consideration along with local standards and personal requests. We show the same diligence and respect whether you want us to install a new washer or agitator assembly, or fix your appliance. Our professionals offer quick response services when there is a problem. We troubleshoot and repair washing machine issues as fast as possible. Just give us a call and we’ll try to be there in timely fashion.

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